Kia Alumni

An exclusive community of practice

Welcome to Kia Alumni

Being a member of the Kia Alumni gives you access to participate in the on-going alumni program. As a member you can deepen your training in three ways:

Kia Alumni Inspiration

is Roxana's online inspirational club for all alumnus. Here you will get a weekly kick of inspiration from Roxana. You will get a 90% discount on the big annual alumni training day – a fun, experiential opportunity to learn new skills and get reacquainted with the Roxana way.

Kia Alumni Virtual Club

is the Alumni online training community. Subscribing to the virtual club, you will get access to new video-based training exercises with Roxana every months as well as inspiration and tips. You will be part of the community forum and have the possibility to chat with other members and Roxana. And of course be invited to the big annual alumni training day.

Kia Alumni Training Circle

is a unique, and confidential training group of specially matched peers, combining the best of a VL-group with Roxana's training. As member of a Alumni Training Circle, you meet with your exclusive circle several times a year, receive online training from Roxana, have an online buddy-team to support your training and you also will be able to participate, at special alumni-prices, in Roxana’s master classes for Alumni. In a circle you can continue to build your competencies, and practice your tools. And you can train individual challenges, for instance a specific keynote speak or presentation you need to have tuned.

A powerful performer becomes strong through practice. It’s like playing an instrument. You are your own instrument – and you play it yourself. To play brilliantly and truly create powerful resonance in the audience, either as a soloist or in an orchestra, you need to practice. Even the best performer and executives hone their skills through continuous practice. Roxana trains many such top-performers, and with the Alumni, Roxana will use her experiences with continuous practice in a club-format making it accessible to all.